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Comprehensive Construction Management and Consulting

At mdbrinn we believe the art of the commercial general contractor is managing the entire process; we dedicate ourselves to this process from the initial concept until after the project is realized. By prioritizing organization and communication through each phase of a project, we excel at partnering with clients to meet any evolving interests without suffering delays. This is building efficiency.

Commercial General Contractor in Denver, CO

Our Design Process

Every construction process begins with an idea. A well designed project becomes a better finished project. Whether you’re embarking on your first or your fiftieth project, we bring the coordination and experience to ensure all your goals are met.

Pre-Con is the design phase of a project. While we are not design professionals, we act as a hub to coordinate all the different design professionals and consultants, governing bodies and financial institutions required to get the project off the ground. Organization, schedule and workflow management is just as important with these agencies. We treat the pre-construction phase just like we do the construction phase.

  • Have your own design team?
  • Know an engineer?
  • We are happy to work with anyone you know, or we have individuals to recommend.

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Who We Serve

mdbrinn is a complete commercial general contractor. We are fully licensed and insured to build any size project. We have the knowledge and ability to solve building on the most challenging sites, under unusual circumstances and we don’t look past the simplest of needs.

Whether your site is small and congested or large with water problems, our team has been there and know how to get it done professionally without frustrating delays. Sometimes problems don’t present themselves until things are underway. We expect challenges along the way and are ready to solve each situation as it comes up.

We also believe in building relationships. Maybe you aren’t looking for a new building or an extensive buildout. We’ll take care of any issues you need addressed. We understand that all needs are important, we don’t have a minimum for what we do.

Budget Estimating

At mdbrinn, we don’t give bids. We feel that term is one of the main disconnects between a General Contractor and their clients. Construction is a constantly evolving entity. We instead work with our clients to build a budget estimate. We can constantly refine this until the time we sign a contract and we have methods to continue modifying it until the project is done.

It is important to think of construction in this manner. Requesting a bid or fixed price from a professional general contractor limits their ability to help you achieve your project’s goals. There is always room to add more luxury or save some money depending on multiple factors. Needs change, business grows and new ideas are developed; you want a general contractor that will keep up and have that flexibility.

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